Works for a new site on WordPress


Somehow it turns out strange. I have been working as a programmer over a year now, but I have no resume or portfolio. It’s because I didn’t particularly bother – I completed a task and forgot aboit it. It’s time to rectify the situation and keep a diary of my work achievements.

WordPress. Many programmers criticize WP, but the fact remains – at the moment this is the most popular CMS and millions of sites are based on it. So I occasionally have to work with this system.

Why do programmers dislike WordPress so much? Well, firstly, some developers are very fond of WP and make good money on it. Those who don’t like this CMS are used to working in the style of object-oriented programming, while WordPress imposes a procedural approach on the developer. Personally, I like OOP more – code in this style is much easier to maintain. But in the procedural style, it’s faster to develop – the function is one by one, let the next programmer figure it out…

So, stop, I was going to write a report on the work done, not my reasoning about programming methodologies. In general, my friend, engaged in SEO-promotion and paid advertising, got a brand new site based on WordPress, which needs to be quickly promoted with a fairly modest budget.

My friend is a good specialist in website promotion, but he is not a programmer and so he asked me to help with scripts for tracking goals for Yandex and Google, changing phone numbers depending on the traffic source, as well as various finishing touches site. I also installed and configured several basic plugins to ensure site security, convenient SEO settings and tracking IP visitors.

The work did not take much time, but now the customer’s site has all the necessary tools to attract customers.

Link to the site: – help in buying used cars.