Works for a new site on Laravel for a print shop

I have been working with this company for quite some time. I made them a small program for management accounting, made corrections to their old site.

Recently, the management of the printing shop decided that the design of their previous site was too outdated and decided to order the development of a new site from some company.

That company took a lot of money in advance and worked on a new site for six months. And everything would be fine, that’s just site was not done to the end. A lot of rebukes, quarreling between the customer and the company of programmers, in general, things got up and the management of the printing shop called me to help.

At that time, I was just starting to learn the Laravel PHP framework, and therefore I was not sure that I would handle the task. Nevertheless, I carefully read the terms of reference, the code currently available, the customer’s comments, and proceeded with the correction and completion.

Everything turned out to be done much faster and easier than I expected. I don’t know why the company that made the site did not finish the project. Maybe they wanted to tear even more money from the customer, maybe their programmers did not know the Laravel-framework well enough. One way or another, the site is now working and I’m glad I helped the printing shop launch a new site, which is much nicer than the old one.

Link to the new printing shop site: