Application on Laravel for accounting of real estate

Application on Laravel

This was a major project in which besides me two more programmers were involved. The guys did not fit within deadlines and called me for help.

The first week was rather difficult. I was not in the project from the very beginning and had to delve into someone else’s code, which by that time was already a lot. But then, when I delved into the system, the work began to boil and I took up most of the tasks.

The application is designed to record real estate objects of a large Russian company, the First Mortgage Agency. The company provides a full range of services related to the purchase, sale, exchange of real estate. There are thousands of objects in its database, and each object has hundreds of different characteristics.

It was required to create an easily expandable online application in which dozens of users can work at the same time, and administrators can create new characteristics of real estate and change existing ones.

It is also of great importance to collect information about customers: contact information, what objects they are interested in, sources of their attraction, etc.

As the base for the application, the Laravel PHP framework was chosen. The appearance of the customer’s site was not particularly interesting since the application is intended for internal accounting, therefore, the popular adminlte solution was taken as the basis for the admin panel.

Well, then went the programming process. Migrations, controllers, templates, related models, events… In general, thanks to this project, I thoroughly became proficient in Laravel.

In total, I participated in the project for 2.5 months. During this time, we completed the main work on the application and passed the work to the customer. Now he keeps records in our program.

Unfortunately, there were some unpleasant moments. For all the time I spent, I got pennies and was forced to stop further cooperation and support of the project. No matter how much I like programming, and how interesting this project is, “working for an idea” is not in my principles.

I will not provide a link to the site here – the application is password-protected and without special rights, you still can not evaluate the program.