Restored my old WordPress blog

When I just started to learn web-programming, I immediately wanted to create some kind of blog for myself. At first, I planned to write about cryptocurrencies, but then I decided to highlight for the general public the area in which I knew very well.

And I was good at accounting. After all, I worked as an accountant for more than 11 years. My programming knowledge at that time was small – 1C, HTML, CSS, and the most popular CMS in the world WordPress at the user level. Therefore, I prepared a couple of articles, customized the free Basic theme for myself, installed the necessary plugins and posted the site on the hosting.

How proud I was of my first site)) I wrote and designed all the articles for a long time, trying to make them ideal. Registered in ten social networks to reach as many audiences as possible. I even recorded some videos and posted them on Youtube.

But the subject was not demanded by Russian businessmen. Either the articles were too voluminous, or the general economic situation of recent years affected – when almost all small private firms in Russia closed, or maybe I just overestimated myself as an author-blogger.

One way or another, in the six months that I dealt almost exclusively with my blog, the subscriber base hardly reached one hundred people. Of which some ten people, if not five, showed some activity in the comments.

I was disappointed. I was upset. My inspiration was over.

Finally, I was finished off by the Russian registrar of domain names, which for renewing a domain name requested six times more than for its registration!

I did not pay for the domain name for the next year and the blog sank into oblivion…

Nevertheless, blogging gave me a good push to further study programming. I had to search and configure various plugins, study SEO-optimization, I realized that I understand PHP and JavaScript languages very poorly.

Therefore, having thrown my blog, I started reading books and documentation on these programming languages, looked at a huge number of video courses and realized that the work of CMS is not magic at all, but well-designed (or not so much, depending on CMS) thought-out code.

Now I am completing an online application for management accounting, and therefore, since I needed to rent a hosting and buy a domain name for it, I decided at the same time to restore my old blog.

Unfortunately, the previous domain name was automatically bought by some bad people who hope to cash in on its resale back to the owner. I don’t want to encourage such a dirty business. So I just bought a new domain name, now from a good registrar. Let it differ from the previous one letter, but the site works again and pleases the eye))

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