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Website for a writer

Hundreds of books are published every day. Beginning authors dream of fame, some want to make money, others are just trying to talk it out. Everyone is sure that his work is worthy of all kinds of awards and praise. All crave attention, but in fact … with rare exceptions, no one needs.

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Management Accounting Application completed!

Finally, I completed my long-standing project to create an online management accounting application. The program is aimed at small businesses in the field of trade or services and is absolutely free.

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Restored my old WordPress blog

When I just started to learn web-programming, I immediately wanted to create some kind of blog for myself. At first, I planned to write about cryptocurrencies, but then I decided to highlight for the general public the area in which I knew very well.

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Another Landing Page completed!

Not so long ago, I decided to try my hand at a layout and made a landing page, but it was a very simple page. I wanted to hone my skills and, finding a more interesting design, I started to work.

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Landing Page completed!

I’m not a special fan of layouts. Very painstaking and tedious work. Also, not particularly well paid. Nevertheless, I decided to train my skills and make up the site, taking as a basis the PSD-layout provided by the training site

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