Management Accounting Application completed!

Finally, I completed my long-standing project to create an online management accounting application. The program is aimed at small businesses in the field of trade or services and is absolutely free.

The app is fairly simple in terms of user interface and consists of three blocks:

  1. Documents – various operations in the course of company activity are reflected here
  2. Directories – are used to store rigidly fixed information (names of goods, contractors, employees, etc.) and help to fill out documents faster
  3. Reports – results of activities for a certain period of time

Documents allow you to reflect purchases and sales, write-off and movement of goods, payments to employees and contractors, the receipt of money from buyers. The program provides the ability to make settlements between suppliers and customers; automatically calculate bonuses for managers depending on their personal indicators or indicators for the company as a whole; to receive, write off or transfer money between cash desks and banks. Cases with a return to the supplier or from the buyer will also be reflected in the account.

In the reports section, you can analyze revenue and expenses, profits, balances in warehouses, bank accounts or cash desks. To see how much and to whom of the suppliers we owe, and which of the buyers owe us, the same applies to employees.

For more information, see the documentation for the application.

I started work on this project in February this year, but due to work with customers, I could not devote much time to develop.

The application is written in pure PHP and MySQL without the use of frameworks. This allowed me to achieve better performance, but greatly slowed down and complicated the development. But I did a deeper look at PHP and object-oriented programming, I understood a lot of nuances. Unfortunately, there were some architectural errors. If the program is in demand, then, perhaps, I’ll rewrite the application using the Laravel PHP framework.

In terms of the front end, I did not bother much about design and used the Bootstrap 4 CSS framework and, of course, the jQuery library. I’m not a designer, but in my opinion, it turned out very aesthetically))

Link to the application: