Mikhno Egor


About Me

Professionally engaged in website development and programming since 2017. I try not to limit myself to just one technology and constantly study new tools that help speed up the workflow.

Mikhno Egor

I specialize in backend, that is, the component of the site that is responsible for its logic and functioning.

I can also fix the look of the site, add interactive elements and animation.

Currently, I live in Russia, in the city of St. Petersburg. I work remotely with customers from all over the world, we correspond in English.

  • I always finish the work I have started
  • I have a wide range of skills
  • If necessary, work on the weekend


Currently, in order to work effectively in a Web development environment, it is not enough to know one programming language. To solve different problems, various tools are used. In order not to write code from scratch, frameworks and libraries are used. Nevertheless, there are fundamentals that must be mastered.

Laravel logo + WordPress logo

Laravel + WP

I really like the PHP framework Laravel. It is incredibly powerful and flexible, with its help you can create almost any site.

Also, unlike many programmers, I don’t look down on WordPress. Today it is the most popular CMS; millions of sites have been made on its basis.

PHP logo


The basis for any more or less serious site. It allows you to make not just beautiful pages, but entire applications with complex business logic. Personally, what I like most about this programming language is how objects are implemented.

MySQL logo


The database is one of the most important components of the application, without which you cannot store a significant amount of information and use it for your purposes. I started my career as a programmer with working with databases since in the past I worked as an accountant for a long time and I fully understand the importance of storing information.

JavaScript logo + jQuery logo

JS + jQuery

Pure JavaScript is far from the easiest and most convenient programming language, therefore, its jQuery library has become one of the main frontend development standards. Using these tools provides interactivity, dynamic change of site content and a variety of animations.

CSS logo + Bootstrap logo

CSS + Bootstrap

CSS provides beautiful website design, and the Bootstrap framework significantly speeds up this process. I can’t say that I am a professional typesetter, this is a rather painstaking and not very paid job. Nevertheless, I can correct the appearance of the site without any problems.

HTML logo


The basis on which any site rests. This is not even a programming language, but a page markup language. Nevertheless, here there are enough nuances regarding the semantics of different elements. If you neglect these nuances, you can forget about high positions in the ranking of search engines.


Although I carried out a lot of single orders for different clients, working with regular customers is a priority for me.


Here are the links to the projects that I personally led from start to completion.

Completed works

In this section, I write brief reports on the work done. There is no point in mentioning very simple tasks, but the completion of more or less serious work is always a reason for pride!

Restored my old WordPress blog

When I just started to learn web-programming, I immediately wanted to create some kind of blog for myself. At first, I planned to write about cryptocurrencies, but then I decided to highlight for the general public the area in which I knew very well.

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Application on Laravel for accounting of real estate

This was a major project in which besides me two more programmers were involved. The guys did not fit within deadlines and called me for help.

Read more “Application on Laravel for accounting of real estate”

Works for a new site on Laravel for a print shop

I have been working with this company for quite some time. I made them a small program for management accounting, made corrections to their old site.

Read more “Works for a new site on Laravel for a print shop”

JavaScript for a site on Tilda Publishing

Honestly, I’m not a big fan of site builders. Customization of sites created based on such builders, leave much to be desired. I would advise if you want to make a site without programming knowledge – use WordPress.

Read more “JavaScript for a site on Tilda Publishing”


Everyone loves to be praised and I am no exception in this case. I hope that over time there will be more such reviews))

Take advantage of my services

I always try to do the job as high quality as possible. I also do not like to delay delivery of the project until the deadline, so, as a rule, everything is done even earlier than I promised. With all this, the cost of my services by Western standards is quite modest - $20 per hour.